Buy Parts for Any Woodford Faucet or Yard Hydrant

Since Eagle Mountain Products is the official online retailer for Woodford Manufacturing, we are the “‘go to” place to get genuine Woodford parts for any of their outdoor faucets or hydrants dating all the way back to 1929. Our large inventory includes parts such as operating rods, EPDM packing, valve seat rubber, Y34 packing, an

Easy to Use Website to Find Top Quality Yard Hydrants

Yard hydrants are not just useful in commercial or agricultural settings but also offer residential homeowners an efficient way to get a reliable source of water for lawn care and gardening. If you have ever thought about getting a yard hydrant, you will want to take a look at the Eagle Mountain Products online retail

Protect Your Home From Water Damage!

To get the ultimate protection for your outdoor watering supply, you can now upgrade your existing or a brand new Woodford faucet by installing an Adjustable Rod Kit. This exclusive Woodford kit comes with a patented, resetting Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) and is available at the Eagle Mountain Products’ online store. So how does the

We Take the Confusion Out of Buying Online

Buying online is sometimes quite confusing, which is why Eagle Mountain Products works hard to provide customers with all of the technical specifications on Woodford products and parts. To ensure you get what you need, we fully explain the features of each product before you ever order anything. Eagle Mountain’s technical support on our Woodford

The Woodford Name Has a Reputation for Quality

When you want quality, look to the Woodford name to deliver it.   The Woodford Company has been the premier manufacturer of outdoor faucets and yard hydrants for over 85 years; and Eagle Mountain Products is proud to be their official online retailer. To provide some background on the Woodford Manufacturing Company’s long history, they got